Case Study hockingstuart

How do you get a franchise network of 50 offices to talk with one voice? We’ve been providing the solution to that problem since hockingstuart appointed us in 2005. It is called integrated marketing.

The Brief

Our challenge was to present hockingstuart as a progressive business that understands the needs of its clients by reinforcing values not often associated with the real estate industry: trust and empathy. We had to change the brands image to appeal to an increasingly sophisticated market of home owners, as well as the next generation of real estate agents.

The Solution

Sense contemporised the hockingstuart brand identity. We also repositioned the brand as being both expert and empathetic using the line “Real estate is our world” in an above-the-line campaign.

However the brand strategy would only succeed if communicated consistently across the network of 600 agents. So we redesigned every touchpoint, including Red Magazine, sales collateral and local office marketing to tell one story. Meanwhile our digital team worked with the corporate office on a series of lead generation campaigns.

The Outcome

hockingstuart remains the leading Victorian real estate company and is now well positioned for the future. It has moved from the brash, retail business to a contemporary and trustworthy brand that shows empathy. hockingstuart continues to grow, with staff recruitment numbers at their highest level for over five years.

What we did:
  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Identity
  • Communication Strategy
  • Customer Engagement
  • Landing Pages Strategy
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Direct Marketing

hockingstuart redmag covers
hockingstuart redmag open spread
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hockingstuart redmag from above
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hockingstuart redmag open spread
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hockingstuart young woman staff photography
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