Griffiths Coffee

A fresh look for 100-year old coffee.

Griffiths asked for an ad. We said they needed a new graphic identity and new packaging – then we created some ads. A few years on and one of Australia’s oldest roasting houses has been reinvigorated and sales are healthy.

What we did:
  • Brand Positioning

  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Typography & Illustration
  • POS Materials
  • Stand Design
  • Fleet Branding

griffiths cup texture up close
griffiths coffee poster
griffiths wrap branded van design
griffiths coffee beans close up
griffiths sugars sticks
griffiths staff apron with logo on pocket
griffiths logo on umbrella
griffiths logo on sugar packets
griffiths store sign
griffiths coffee bags on a shelf
griffiths store display
griffiths small coffee packet
griffiths instant coffee in a bag