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5 resolutions to shape up your social brand

We’ve hit mid-January, which means your New Years resolutions are, most likely, already out the window. Here’s 5 more resolutions to top you up for 2017.

As we dive head first into another January and a brand new year, we’re flooded with the constant pressure to create a new year’s resolution.

Get fit. Tone up. Eat better. Stop drinking.

It’s exhausting. And often, extremely unappealing.

But while you’re staring at that kale and beetroot juice, deciding whether this new routine will survive the next 3 days, take a moment to consider your social brand. It may be the one that really needs to detox and shape up.

Here are some quick tips to inject fresh energy and give your content a ‘new year’ glow.


Get a makeover.

Give your social brand a visual refresh. This doesn’t necessarily mean new branding, but a reassessment of the visual content you’re posting on your social channels. Invest in new visual elements that offer something exciting for your customers.

  • Try a new colour palette
  • Engage a new source for stock imagery
  • Invest in new professional photography of your products or services
  • Try using customer curated images or engaging a brand influencer/ambassador


Lose weight.

You know all those dud social posts that didn’t quite perform and look out of place in your account feed? Ditch them. Quality always rules over quantity and cleaning out the under-performers will help your account look cleaner, more appealing and more engaging.

  • Audit your existing content to find the underperforming posts (and identify any trends in these)
  • Delete posts that fell below your average engagement rate
  • Remove any images that aren’t cohesive with the account style


Be more present.

Stay abreast of new trends in your industry and to use these when connecting with your key social audience. Be it the use of live video, or direct message marketing – there’s a range of tools available to connect more genuinely with your followers and demonstrate that your brand has their ‘finger on the pulse’.

  • Subscribe to industry and general digital blogs
  • Create systems to view competitor’s analytics and learn from their activity – both good and bad.


Learn something new.

There’s a big difference between being dependable and being predictable. In this new year, open your mind (and marketing budget) to trying new technologies, trends or media. You may just find that you gain a greater understanding of your customers in the process.

  • Dedicate time and budget to new technologies and trends that will appear throughout the year, including training for staff
  • Experiment with varying content types and track the results


Quit the stress.

Delegation. It’s a beautiful word when you’re managing a business. In 2017, commit to investing in automation tools or third party management of your more complex and stressful business areas. You should see substantial business results and feel stressful, time-consuming tension simply float away…

  • Invest in an agency that can assist with strategic campaigns or setting up automation programs.
  • Reevaluate how your time is being used, and opportunities for simplification. If someone can perform a process more efficiency and to a higher standard, it will be worth the investment.


Be it a full brand bootcamp or a strategic little nip and tuck in the right direction, we’re here to help get your brand into shape so you can be a more successful and engaged presence in the digital space this year.

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We’ve hit mid-January, which means your New Years resolutions are, most likely, already out the window. Here’s 5 more resolutions to top you up for 2017.

Anna Halliday
Digital Campaign Team Lead