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  1. Now boarding at gate 1 // ​As part of our brand positioning for much-loved client, @Melbourne_star we had the opportunity to redesign their entire entrance and retail area. ​ ​So what did we do? ​ ​We injected it with some serious airport vibes, giving passengers the full flight experience from the moment they arrive at the Melbourne icon (minus the airport headaches like delays and lost luggage, of course!) ​ ​Here's a sneak peek of our design concepts...
  2. ​*Boom* there it is. // ​Another shmick website built and live thanks to our stellar digital team! ​ ​As one of the City of Melbourne’s most anticipated annual events, we knew the MMW website had to stack up to high traffic volumes. Implementing a React front end seamlessly integrated with WordPress for full user control, we were able to showcase Melbourne’s vibrant music scene in one pitch-perfect website. ​ ​Too much web jargon to follow? We basically built a high functioning website with all the trimmings. Take it for a spin via the link @melbournemusicweek
  3. A film festival with a difference // ​We love working with @casffa each year, it gives us a chance to splash a little extra eccentricity and creativity. This year, you can watch the festival trailer our studio team pulled together in the next slide (🔉 sound on for quirky excellence). ​ ​This year, you can experience the unique cultures and landscapes of the Czech and Slovak republics with a selection of films ranging from historical screwball comedies and insightful documentaries to compelling dramas and sci-fi westerns. How great does that sound? ​ ​Head to @casffa to book your tickets!
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