Case Study Brogan’s Way

Gin is one of the world’s great spirits. People love it for its light, playful character, infused with nature’s most fascinating flavours. With its evergreen popularity, how can a new name in gin stand out on the crowded retail shelves? For Brogan’s Way, Sense beat a path of discovery.

The Brief

Sense were tasked with establishing a brand identity and tone of voice that captured both the essential personality of its creator, as well as the unique nature of the infusions she had crafted by hand in her Richmond distillery.

The Solution

Sense intuited that the key to the visual identity of Brogan’s Way lay in the botanicals themselves.

Given Brogan’s background as a trained scientist, the evocation of the painterly illustrated journals of explorers and botanists from times past opened the door to a distinctive look sure to stand out.

Meanwhile, a brand language and naming convention was assiduously carved out to reflect the curiosity and keen intellect of Brogan, and the romance that informs her gin varieties.

The Outcome

After much anticipation, Brogan’s Way has launched to a very warm welcome from both gin aficionados and prospective retail buyers. And with a brand new distillery now open in Richmond to produce and showcase her spirited sensations to a public thirsty for new inspirations, Brogan’s Way is now ripe for discovery.

What we did:
  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Positioning
  • Bottle & Label Design
  • Photography & Illustration
  • Copywriting