Case Study Renew

Alternative Technology Association was highly respected in the world of sustainable living. The two magazines they published, Renew and Sanctuary, had a combined readership of over 120,000. But how do you stay relevant when the practices you advocate are no longer considered an alternative?

The Brief

Alternative Technology Association, a professional not-for-profit organisation providing independent advice about sustainable living to consumers, government and industries, faced two challenges:

– Their name didn’t reflect the reality that sustainable technologies are now mainstream.

– Their brand image lacked resonance among a growing audience of consumers ready to engage with them.

The Solution

Sense suggested a more relevant name, Renew, which Alternative Technology Association already used as the title of one of their publications. Renew is simple, memorable and closely reflects the activities of the organisation.

We then created a new brand mark and visual identity, presenting a refreshed professional organisation offering unbiased expertise.

We also developed a new website that’s easy to navigate, informative and user-friendly.

Finally, neatly closing the branding loop, we completely redesigned their magazines, relating them to the new umbrella brand: Renew.

The Outcome

From the name to the identity and tone of voice, Renew is now a modern, dynamic brand, accurately represented as a progressive organisation that inspires, enables and advocates for sustainable living.

What we did: