Building a home for the brand promise

Examining the importance of extending a development’s brand presence into a space prospective customers can inhabit… and conceive their future in.

With more and more people looking for the ideal place to call their own, a number of communities and major residential projects continue to emerge around Melbourne and Victoria.

As a result, the competition between developers to differentiate their offering from all others has increased. Selling the intrinsic liveability of a place has become paramount.

That means communicating from the outset an enduring presence, a continuity that will compel people to invest in the vision – across every conceivable touch-point.

It goes beyond project brochures and sales presenters communicating the benefits of the masterplan, as essential as these elements remain.

It’s about the brand. But it’s more than that.

It’s about making something that feels real. That can be touched, inhabited, before the first soil has been turned.

That’s where the Sales Centre has a vitally important role to play.

Letting the customer in…

Sure, Display Villages have their place. Model homes, within which customers can project their hopes and aspirations. It’s the Sales Centre however that ties everything together, and that provides the context today’s buyers crave.

Sense has worked closely with a number of major developers who are meeting the demand for land with new masterplanned communities and projects in and around Melbourne.

We’ve helped shape their strategy and define their brand, assisting them to communicate the essence of their approach to addressing liveability in the new housing market.

With each, we’ve sat down and given deep consideration to what the felt experience is of their Sales Centres… and importantly, how their brand, as well as the promise of their projects, can be extended into a physical space that can be inhabited.

Because in every instance, the brand is the guarantee behind that promise.

Interactive. Tactile. Tempting.

Here’s a selection of Sales Centres we’ve helped to implement, revealing how Sense has conveyed the distinctive characteristics of brand and build quality of projects by those clients we’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with.

Each is distinct. Each expresses something vital. Each is an instance of a brand being brought to life, to evoke a tangible future placed now at your fingertips.

Aspect Residences

A limited release of 100 townhomes delivering architectural sophistication to the established locale of Keilor Downs. The audience is those who may have a connection already to the area, who are looking to upgrade their lifestyle in a place they love.

Aspect Sales Presenter
Aspect Display Kitchen


An ambitious masterplanned community without peer. Developed by MAB and GPC and designed for people and families from all walks of life, Merrifield is set to become the new epicentre of Melbourne’s north, delivering 8,000 new homes and an integrated Business Park that will contribute towards a forecasted 30,000 jobs.

Merrifield Sales Centre
Merrifield Sales Centre

Orchard Tarneit

A high-quality new masterplanned community in the city of Wyndham, from prestigious global developer Dahua. Orchard draws deep on its historical relationship with the Eastcott Orchard, cultivating a place where families can grow, and dreams can thrive.

Orchard Sales Centre
Orchard Two
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Examining the importance of extending a development’s brand presence into a space prospective customers can inhabit… and conceive their future in.