Shell V-Power Fuel the Feeling TVC

Fueling our freedom

A lot has changed since we last made a TVC for Shell V-Power. Our latest work reflects life in this new COVID world.

Freedom. I can barely remember what it feels like. Melbourne has endured six lockdowns since COVID began. Indeed, we’re in the grip of No.6 as I write this.

Lockdowns and border closures are necessary, but they deny us the freedom to visit family and friends, go watch a band, eat out. As for holidays, well, good luck planning that week in Noosa.

International travel is off the table for the foreseeable future. Domestic travel, although hit or miss, is all we’ve got. And we need it. We need to escape the confines of home. We need to feel free again.

When we wrote scripts for our client Viva Energy’s flagship brand, Shell V-Power, late in 2020 Australia was just emerging from its first wave of lockdowns. The need for freedom, to hop in the car and escape somewhere – anywhere – was so strong you could taste it.

Shell V-Power was going to fuel that feeling. A high quality premium fuel that cleans and protects your car’s engine, Shell V-Power was to be our means of escape. And one day soon, probably when we’re all vaccinated, it will be again.

Today we’re craving freedom more than ever. Personally, the day I escape this house, this city, can’t come soon enough. And when that day comes, our little TVC for Shell V-Power will be even more relevant than when we shot it back in February.

Get that jab, people. Be free. And then fuel the feeling with Shell V-Power!


Client: Viva Energy Australia

General Manager Marketing: Andrew Egan

Senior Marketing Manager: Stacey Mason

Retail Fuels Marketing Manager: Gisella Spedicato

Creative Agency:

Creative Director: Guillaume Roux

Copywriter/Art Director: Peter Milne

Producer: Georgina Toole

Account Manager: Kirstie Ly

Yah Yah Films

Director: Bill Irving

Producer: Annalise Menzel

Producer: Anna Bardsley-Jones

Media Agency:
Hearts & Science

Managing Director: Richard Smith

Business Director: Debbie Moxon

Planning & Investment Manager: Elloise Wilson

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A lot has changed since we last made a TVC for Shell V-Power. Our latest work reflects life in this new COVID world.

Peter Milne Head of Copy and Content at Sense
Peter Milne
Head of Copy and Content