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The making of hockingstuart showcase

Behind the scenes with our latest feature presentation for hockingstuart, Victoria’s largest real estate network.

It’s been a busy year here at Sense, that’s for sure.

April through June in particular saw us pull out all stops on a slew of exciting new projects for real estate brand hockingstuart.

Besides refining their brand identity to bring renewed emphasis to its essentials, the team at hockingstuart had a bigger vision they wanted us to help breathe life into… a new way of promoting and presenting property.

Both agency and client saw this as an opportunity to restore some of the excitement of the real estate game back into things. We reasoned that selling homes is akin to telling a story.

And though we’re in a golden age of television, the cinema screen remains the canvas for the biggest stories we can tell… even if we then experience them through our phones!

Aaannnnd… action

With that in mind, we wanted a campaign that playfully embraced that big-production aspect of real estate. How it can help make your home the blockbuster of your street, even from the palm of people’s hands. And so, hockingstuart Showcase was born.

hockingstuart Showcase AdShel

Across billboards, AdShel formats and the web, hockingstuart Showcase communicates how hockingstuart’s immersive new take on real estate helps present your home better than ever, drawing customers into a direct emotional engagement and driving better results.

As the creative was given its red carpet moment, Sense was working behind the scenes to comprehensively renew hockingstuart’s online presence.

Leading edge lead-gen

Our digital team burned the midnight oil to turn hockingstuart’s old website into a lean, mean, lead-gathering machine, delivering better insights from visitor data, and improving the user experience through a simplified information architecture that enhanced discoverability.

It also needed to support the host of new interactive technologies provided through partnership with Diakrit – a big part of the Showcase proposition.

hockingstuart website homepage

Premium photography and clean, uncluttered visuals that helped convey the aspirational qualities of real estate and the properties represented by hockingstuart were also key outcomes for the newly redesigned website.

It was an epic task, but the result is a campaign that clearly differentiates hockingstuart from the competition, with a real estate website that not only looks the business – it works to generate more of it.

Experience it for yourself at hockingstuart.com.au, or view more Sense productions here.

hockingstuart phone
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Behind the scenes with our latest feature presentation for hockingstuart, Victoria’s largest real estate network.