Case Study hockingstuart

hockingstuart is one of the more progressive and dynamic real estate businesses in the industry. With around 50 offices throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria, it’s also Victoria’s most successful real estate network. But in a rapidly evolving property market, how does hockingstuart maintain its position and remain relevant to its audience?

The Brief

As the property market evolves, so must the hockingstuart brand. Our intent was to reveal a brand continually building on a reputation based on trust, innovation and expertise: never standing still, always standing out on its mission to appeal to an increasingly sophisticated market, as well as to the next generation of real estate agents.

The Solution

We redefined the company’s brand pillars to better communicate the key strengths of its 600 strong team across 48 offices. We refined all the brand’s typography to introduce a new degree of elegance and sophistication to its communications, and brought a renewed emphasis to its bold core colours of white and red.

Every touch point experienced a rejuvenation, including local office marketing and sales collateral, a redesigned red magazine, and an entirely reimagined website conceived to drive better engagement than ever. We also consolidated their digital channels, introducing a cohesive content strategy for the brand.

And to cap it all, we rolled out the company’s latest campaign: hockingstuart Showcase.

The Outcome

hockingstuart maintains its place as the leading Victorian real estate company and is now positioned to reap the benefits of integration through its evolution into a digital brand.

Brand identity has gained a new level of refinement while losing none of its approachability, and the company has benefited from an elevation in brand awareness through its simple proposition of better presenting and promoting property.

Meanwhile, the redesigned online experience is providing better leads from more customers than ever. hockingstuart has consolidated their reputation for professional expertise, and is attracting a new generation of real estate experts to join their ranks.

What we did: