The Guilfoyle

A brand inspired by the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Positioned near the Royal Botanic Gardens and named after the garden’s original Director, The Guilfoyle identity draws inspiration from nature. Modern botanical photographs adorn the lifts and common areas and mark each of the 360 apartments.

What we did:
  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Website Development
  • Photography

the guilfoyle elevator doors with flower design
the guilfoyle brochure cover
the guilfoyle brochure garden spread
the guilfoyle brochure map details
the guilfoyle brochure spread with melbourne architecture
the guilfoyle exterior photography of ACCA
the guilfoyle purple and orange imagery
the guilfoyle flower imagery
the guilfoyle office lobby
the guilfoyle photography hot air balloon
the guilfoyle apartment interior design
the guilfoyle brochure graph
the guilfoyle exterior photography eureka tower melbourne