Aira Pimping

The creative life of Aira, design intern

Fresh to Melbourne after graduating from Griffith University, meet our newest design intern Aira Pimping.

Sense is always on the lookout for aspiring souls wanting to step into the agency world to get some at-the-coalface experience of what life as a working creative can be like. The payoff for both parties can be significant. After all, we were so impressed with our previous intern Emily we brought her in-house full-time.

So we wanted to see if we could strike gold twice.

We put the word around that Sense was seeking a new intern Graphic Designer. We spoke about the opportunities here. That we had a great coffee machine. A warehouse studio in Fitzroy. You know: all the good stuff, like our frequent visits from a rotating roster of dogs.

In no time at all we had a range of viable candidates, and our new challenge became to create a shortlist.

From that list, there was one CV that really stood out. Aira Pimping’s illustrated style immediately leapt from the screen when we checked out her work online, and with some solid academic credentials behind her (Best Portfolio Digital Media Graduation Show 2016) we were pleased to invite her on board.

After a few weeks settling in, we wanted to touch base with her and see how she was doing. We thought it was also a good opportunity to introduce her to you, also, to see her work for yourself…


What originally drew you to design, Aira?

I’d say it all started from doing Film and TV back in high school. It was the first creative subject I enrolled in, and I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the whole process of writing a plot, planning shots, filming and editing. I also used to draw a lot in my spare time, which triggered my interest in animation.

Monster Made, personal Packaging & Illustration project by Aira Pimping


What are your influences and inspirations?

I often draw inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese design. I admire their minimalist and functional approaches, sometimes with a touch of quirkiness to give character to their design.


Tell us a bit about your approach to design.

I like to start off by doing some research on the subject matter, figure out the who, what and why. I think it’s important to understand it from every angle. Also, I find that it helps me narrow down which direction I should take. Ideally, I would have a rough idea of what it would look like, at least after I scour the web for inspiration. What follows is a long and painful process of trial and error.


What role or purpose do you think design plays in everyday life?

At its fundamental level, design conveys information. Whether or not we are aware of it, it has a direct impact on our buying decisions and can influence our behaviour and way of thinking. In saying that, I believe design should help improve lives and inspire change for the better.

Made You Look, personal typography project by Aira Pimping

How did you learn about Sense?

I first came across sense when I was looking for design jobs after moving to Melbourne. I saw their ad for an intern via The Loop and decided to go for it!


Describe your typical day at Sense?

My day kicks off by going through my workload and prioritising which job needs to get done first. Sometimes I get a decent amount of small jobs and other times a few big ones. I often get asked to work on illustrations, which I get a few hours to do and are always a treat! (Speaking of treats, there are days when there are treats in the kitchen. That’s always a good day.)


What have you learnt about working at an agency?

Apart from some cool new design tricks, my biggest take away would be improving my communication skills. It was definitely interesting being exposed to a variety of roles and seeing how they all work together. Although it was challenging at first, I learnt to communicate a bit better, actively show my work in progress and to ask questions whenever I was unsure of anything.

Ninio - Brand/Concept design, by Aira Pimping


What would you say to anyone seeking to enter the design field?

Find out where your passion lies. I think it’s a valuable driving force in creativity and it’s what encourages you to do your best. For people with no experience who are just starting out, I believe that having the right mindset and enthusiasm to learn new skills can be some of your biggest assets.

Can design change the world?

Yes, I truly believe it can. I’d like to say that it already is.


We’re very happy with how quickly Aira has become part of the creative pipeline here, and the standard of work that she’s contributing. If you’re on the path to a creative life in design, there are some valuable little insights in Aira’s words.

Find what you love, and do it. Be open to learning new things. Keep your eyes out for the opportunities – and be ready to take them when they come.

Welcome to the funhouse Aira.

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Fresh to Melbourne after graduating from Griffith University, meet our newest design intern Aira Pimping.

Vincent Casey
Senior Designer